Founded in Summer of 1995...

​By Thom Sequoia , the goal of AcoustiHouse premiere concert events has always been to seek out new and visionary ways of supporting talented musical Artists & Bands, and connecting them with unique listening audiences. Some of these events we have created ourselves, and some already existed.

It’s our 25th year anniversary season doing this thing coming up in 2021 - so we'd love for you to come join us at this years events as we celebrate our 25th! Be sure also to check out our Artists and Venue recommend pages!

From Our First Concert Event

... held at a Barnes & Noble Starbucks Cafe in 1995 - featuring acoustic sensations Peter Breinholt, Thom Sequoia, Michael Waterman, and Greg Stevens - to our full 4 day festival stages, we have promoted over 75 music events, festivals, and concert series. We have worked with some of the best bands and solo artists (like some of the ones shown here), on both a national, regional, and local scale.


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Premeire Concert Events

And the fans go wild...

...Check out our great upcoming new events ! (also see below) ... or become one of our great Music Sponsors and get in on our fantastic Sponsorship Packages available today!

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Check out these great Bands & Artists, who have either performed at one of our events, or at an event we helped produce.

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Coronavirus Alert!

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, most of the events we worked towards in 2020-2021 were cancelled. In 2022 we have been able to do a few events. Now, in conjunction with the Unmask The Music  project, we are currently developing AcoustiHouse Concert events for the 2022-2023 season! Thank you for your continued support of the arts and music!

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