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Cool Venues

The Coolest Of Cool Venues North, South, & East, of the Western Coastline 

We Are Huge Fans Of Great Venues.
Especially Ones That Support Independent Artists & A Thriving Local Scene!

Just like the image you see here of Imagine Dragons returning back to do a concert at Velour in downtown Provo, owner Corey Fox and many other Venue owners have been super instrumental in helping to promote and develop great new bands & artists in the Independent scene

where we live and perform.

We applaud all the venues in the world that do the same, and we love working with those type of establishments all over the West when we can.

But as you know the Covid pandemic brought devastation to the Independent Live Music industry, completely shutting down tens of thousands of Live Music Venues and Festivals across the globe, costing up to $40 billion in losses, and putting Bands & Artists earnings who tour or perform live gigs to $ zero. 

Please support concert promoters, venues, music festivals, hybrid online concert events, and Bands & Artists - and let's not let them shut down live music again!