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Will be glorious!

Fans & Sponsors Rockin It!
Without Fans to come and participate in the shows and support the Bands & Artists, where would we be today? And without the awesome sponsors we've had provide sponsorship dollars to support the live music, how would we put on our events and those great Bands & Artists get paid?

We have had the great privelege to work with tons of awesome Bands & Artists and music organizations on many great Summer festival stages, concert series, and concert events over the years, and the Sponsors and Corporations who have believed in our cause and helped us to bring the best music to the fans have been most awesome!

That's why this year we're working on some great stuff. Stay Tuned as we get geared up for our 2021 - 25th year Anniversary Season!


Winter's Solstice Concert - It's A Wrap!

Premeire Concert Events

Oh please? We'd be ever
so ecstatic!

Because you get what you pay for!

Truly this applies to any event, concert series, or festival stage!

It is our experience that if you expect to run an event and pay Bands and Artists nothing - or the bare minimum,
you will always get what you pay for. The best Bands & Artists DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR FREE. And besides, they shouldn’t have to. We have always made it a top priority at AcoustiHouse to do all we can to provide the booking and organizing of our event stages with the highest quality curation of Bands & Artists. And we always try to benefit the Bands & Artists with pay that is commensurate with their experience and fan base.

It is a simple formula: All events should be a win/win situation for all parties - The event itself, the Bands & Artists, the Fans, The Sponsors, and AcoustiHouse!

If you are a venue, event, or festival, and want the best experience and outcome for your event, and for the fans to come away feeling like they just experienced something great, contact us today!

If you are a Band or Artist and want to get on our Affiliate Artist List to be considered for performance opportunities, go to our Band / Artist page.


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All New Summer Season coming soon - check back by summer and stay tuned for event announcements while we finalize the details! It will be Epic!

Thom Sequoia performs original song "Thunder Road" at House Concert of Earl Miller in Benecia, CA - accompanied by his cousin Carolyn Miller of Laguna Beach fame, and Carlos Reyes, violinist and harpist for Steve Miller Band (as well as soloist for his own music)

Awesome new music

and concert events coming for the

2022  summer concert Season!


Said Matchbox 20... to us?


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AcoustiHouse Music Events
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And the fans go wild...

Coming Soon - June 2022